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New energy

Dahai New Energy was established in 2009,The business scope includes the production and sales of solar silicon wafer, imports and exports of self-support and agent commodity, the research and development, sales of the battery piece, photovoltaic module and system integration and the like, it is a company possessing leading technology, larger scale, advanced equipment, and higher degree of product market recognition, at the same time, is a large-scale solar energy materials production and application company integrated with manufacturing, technology research and development, product distribution and installation. Its annual output of solar silicon wafer is 1.2GW, solar component is 250WM, and it has 15MW distributed photovoltaic power station. It is estimated that it will achieve the production scale of 2000MW solar silicon wafer and 100MW photovoltaic power station up to 2016, and it will become one of the domestic key photovoltaic industrial base. The company mainly adopts the currently latest, advanced, stable, low-energy equipment, and brings in American GTSOLAR, Switzerland HCT, Japanese NTC, Germany Hennecke and other foreign advanced photovoltaic production line and production technology, belonging to first-class configuration in international same industry, the photoelectric conversion efficiency of the manufactured solar silicon wafer is up to 19.6%, leading in the industry, various indexes are up to or above national standard, the company possesses the most advanced scientific testing equipment and first-class laboratory, which creates a better future for human development.      


Main business

The company has successively passed the ISO14001:2004 Environment Management System Certification, ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, China Golden Sun, Japan JET, America UL, California CEC titles for columns, PID, Puerto Rico, German TUV, SOLAR IF and other international certification, and has obtained 15 utility models officially replied by State Intellectual Property Office, applied 3 patents for invention, and has passed 2 kinds of achievements of science and technology appraisal.


Product Spec

Solar monocrystal、Polycrystalline silicon chips 156*156mm;Photovoltaic module 1195*550*35mm、1482*992*40mm、1580*808*40mm、1640*992*40mm、1482*992*40mm、1956*992*50mm


Product Area

Solar silicon wafer is mainly applied to the preparation of solar cells and modules, it is the most important material of the solar photovoltaic industry, and the photovoltaic modules are widely used in large surface power station, roof power plant, solar street lamp, lawn lamp and the like.