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Non-ferrous metal

The company fully extracts “urban mineral products” resources to build waste household appliance, electronic products, electric wire dismantling, the extraction of cathode copper, rare dissipated metal and other items, the international advanced continuous casting and rolling production technology with China proprietary intellectual property rights is selected and used to obtain annual output of 100,000-ton highly refined copper, which forms the nonferrous metals industry chain with relatively complete application from primary products to end products.


Main business

Main production Φ8mm、Φ12.5mm、Φ17mm、Φ20mm、Φ25mm Oxygen-free copper rod,Elongation >40%、Specific resistance <=0.01707 Oxygen-free copper rod,Annealed copper wires 3mm、2.76mm、2.50mm、 2.25mm、2.14mm、1.78mm 、1.70mm、1.38mm、1.35mm。


Product Area

Products are mainly used in electronic information industry, automobile, shipbuilding industry, cables and cords, electricity, communication industry, electromagnetic wire, long hollow-core wire, high speed train wiring, environmental-protection copper products, functional materials and other fields.